still mental shocking

Almost 20years in came back by exiling from nepal.because of only humantarian work.
But by coorperation of three country.actually nepal has no interested for us.but south korean embassy is doubting for thier helping.already almost one qife cannot get visa for korea.i send three times docuement.still they want very tired.
The reason for my exile is not clear.nwpal has no rules and no llaw about that.
But happened by pushing of the embassy of both.south and north.
Any single.of.nepali citozen is not staying north korea.qhich is criminal charateristic.only three diplomatic feom north.and one driver is two years in nepal.others two is not morethan one year.
And how is possible.?
I can say.직무유기.직권남용.
Next what i got the paper from nepal.i will put.and translate.
Easy to understand.
Also we have human rights.
And witbout knowing about matter.and puting newspapee in korea.they arw misguidi.g.misinforming by copy of ?
Chosunilbo.and next day busa.ilbo.
I.m sad vety muxch.after tahta no more newspaper.

by haridas | 2011/05/11 11:39 | with you | 트랙백 | 덧글(0)

luckily or unluckily

now in korea,
whatever i did,
destroyed by demons,by government,both country is the same,nepal and korea,both south and north korea was the same to me.
at that moment someone is lucky to eastablish museum,
no more staying in nepal,
it,s impossible,animal without me,me without animal,no more service.
by only helping humantarian work,but the result is un imaginable,
still cruelity is dominated on this planet,,,,
nothing to say,,,,

by haridas | 2011/01/22 14:44 | ecofamily | 트랙백 | 덧글(3)

action two

much appreciation fro the locals,and others,,
chan-u will join us after military service ,,soon,
this is hope,
ur work is ready in here,
locals,and others,,,
nice musical instrument,dizillude,,
gaidatara gurukul,,,
see u soon,,,

my camera was broken...

by haridas | 2010/09/30 19:47 | ecofamily | 트랙백 | 덧글(2)

her moment when eating,the hawk

be satisfied,be free,,,
and human is waiting me,for taking or giving my love,or human love,
anyhow,this moment,
is the clinax,after this,just connecting the generation,enjoying the life.

by haridas | 2010/03/24 17:09 | ecofamily | 트랙백 | 덧글(0)

the collection,the life with nature

staying in kathumandu,passed the  civilization in ancient valley,
enjoyable,and exciting,,,the past,the future,,,and what human did in last century,what human will do the work in the future,,,
for the next,,,

by haridas | 2010/03/24 16:59 | 트랙백 | 덧글(0)

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