service to animality,not humanity

directly ,or indirectly,
life is happening,
and towards to the cosmic service,,,,,
know or not,life is the service,,,
and profit is there,means business,,,,,


by haridas | 2008/01/23 16:49 | total ecoservice | 트랙백(33) | 덧글(4)

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Commented by wanderingstar at 2008/01/25 01:12
look.. trackback. ^^
Commented by nepal at 2008/01/25 17:16
thanksful,,,how is everything ? stll delhi,india,,,have a good day
Commented by wanderingstar at 2008/01/25 22:47
i always cook for my partner and study sanskrit gramma.

i tried to just live..... but actually so miss some wild life.... with my brothers.
take care brother...

aum shanti aum
Commented by nepal at 2008/01/26 14:25
aum shanti aum,,the sound ,melody from radio,,
aum,,,shanti aum.
let us meet in somewhere in the border,just like birgunji,,,and send few days,and go back to the field of life,,,,namaste to ur partner,and good wonderful day.

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